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Hell and I - #1 Jonas Fläckerud

HELL and I is a project about people living in Stockholm, Sweden and their stories told while running. Shortness of breath brings out the best!

HELL and I – #1 Jonas Fläckerud

So this is how it all began:

Hell: Should we schedule a meeting for next week? Jonas: Yes we should! How’s your Thursday?

Hell: Great! Where do you sit these days? I think we should go for a 20min run from your spot, talk while running.. then have a coffee, interested? Jonas: I heard about this project from S – I got an office at Bondegatan 21 – let’s do it. I think I need to show a showreel before we head out. So how ’bout you come over at 11 for a quick chat then a run? ’cause I need to be in another meeting at 12 – cool?

Hell: I’ll be there at 11:00. Looking forward to hearing more! Have a good weekend.

Making my way up Bondegatan on the way to Jonas’ spot I was reminded of earlier days, this is the street that had a lot to do with why I chose to settle and call Stockholm home. I arrived at 21, climbed some stairs and ‘knock knock’, Mr Fläckerud opened up. Before I could finish untying my shoes, Jonas was back at his desk in a spacious office staring deeply into the screen. As long as I have known Jonas for he has always been focussed on something, it used to be taco night and a ticketing service for events, this time though, perhaps on his most important project to date. 10 minutes later I had watched the showreel and it was time for HELL and I to begin. We hit the street and the non stop talking began. We talked about Mariefred and fatherhood but mostly about how we could collaborate and contribute to a sustainable future for Stockholm. The conversation lasted 4km and I was hooked, The Stockholm Act is set for 21-27 August 2017.

Who inspires you and why? The one’s who think in terms of “why not?” instead of “why?”

When you are not running what are you doing? I’m a consultant, but for 2017 I put all other projects on the shelf to work full time as one of the coordinators of The Stockholm Act.

What is your superpower? To be colourblind – that makes me think that I see the world in different colours and see things a bit differently.

Are you working on any projects right now that you can share publicly? Oh yeah – I’m working to coordinate an including week in Stockholm to set a new tone in the positive ways we create our sustainable future – we call it The Stockholm Act ( which started as a project with the Resilience Alliance Conference and Östersjöfestivalen – but now we are co-creating hubs all over Stockholm. Whoever can join is welcome to take part in this!

If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive, who would they be? Frank Zappa, Björk and Virgin Mary

Feel good song? Hurricane – Bob Dylan

How can people get in touch with you? Website: Insta: @flackerud Mail:

‘HELL and I’ is a new Swedish running blog created, directed and hosted by Ssideline City Run Club founder and local influencer Kristian Hell, distributed by Ssideline City. HELL and I is presented by Peak Performance.


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