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Love, peace and hharmony - Ssideline runs Hamburg half marathon - Robin Watts

The same weekend as Swedes were celebrating Midsummer, a big gang of Ssideliners headed over to Hamburg to run 21,195K instead. Run Fleet and Tide Runners, two urban running crews out of Hamburg had invited us and loads of other runners to come join them for the Hamburg Half. Yours truly was sadly ill and spent most of the weekend under blankets at home, but luckily, these videos of the race day and run down by Don Peps, and pics of the Party are amazing enough to make me almost feel like I was there. One thing is sure, I definitely will not miss out next year!

We have our own international event in September, and I can’t wait. It is going to be so much fun and I am so excited to host running buddies from all over and show them our city, the home where we run and play. Thinking about joining? Check out more info here!

HUGE thank you to cheering hero Don Peps for letting us post his videos.


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