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No Such Place 2018

Travel by foot, relax, eat well and leave no tracks.

In a secret location approximately 1h 30 min north of Stockholm, Sweden, there is a place that we call No Such Place. The only way in is to run, hike or bike.

No Such Place is a small festival that has been inspired by the underground run scene and the ways of the people who make up the Bridge The Gap global community.

Bridging the gap to us means checking your ego at the door, bringing with you an open mind, and a willingness to learn and to give back. It is about accessibility, creativity, togetherness and good vibes. The running is just something we all happen to have in common.

Our belief is that the collective voice of the people who are a part of the BTG community, along with newcomers who choose to attend a festival of this nature can have an even greater positive impact. We have changed running for the better, so we can change society for the better.

Travel by foot, relax, eat well and leave no tracks.

Welcome to No Such Place! July 6, 7-8. 2018


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