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Ssideline City Gala - Rebecca Knutsson

On Saturday the 25th of November, 55 Ssideline City members came together in a way they have never done before, to celebrate the very first Ssideline City Gala 2017. And what a night it was, celebrating the best moments of 2017 and sharing what Ssideline City Run Club means to its captain’s, team leaders and members.

For me the most memorable moments of the evening were co-hosting with David, my husband and fellow member, the coming together of such wonderful people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world and all with different types of personalities, letting loose and dancing like professionals. It really is true; runners ARE better dancers! I didn’t spot a single person who didn’t have a big smile on their face during the entire evening.

I think that is a real feat in itself, showing how inclusive we’re, as a club! Another special moment has got to be when we celebrated, a belated, #nationalhugarunnerday (celebrated on November 20th). The hugs we gave one another were heartfelt and a visual sign of how close we have become and as a running family and community.

What Sideline City has achieved as a run club, fairly new in its infancy, is something quite magical. I consider myself extremely lucky and privileged to be part of this large extended family, especially as an expat living away from my family and a lot of my good friends.

/Rebecca Knutsson


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