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Ssideline City in Runners World

In the most recent issue of Runner’s World Sweden there is a long article on cheering culture and how cheering is helping running culture move forward. The article is great and it really shows that we are onto something big – if you don’t run, you cheer, right? And look at those happy faces on the full spread introduction to the article! Ssideliners in cheer mode showing off their great, hand made signs in front of the Lululemon store in Stockholm, excited to cheer on runners (both Ssideliners and others) in the Stockholm Marathon just a few days later. Now that’s some team spirit right there. We can’t wait to do it all again in September for #BTGSTO!

So, here is a parade of happy faces enjoying the article during our last stint at our summer HQ, Trädgården, for the season. Major thank you to Ssideliner Berit Bretschneider for the great snaps!


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