Ssideline City Crew

Ssideline City Run Club was founded on 15 April 2014 in Stockholm, after Kristian Hell posted a Facebook update: “I’m going for a run on Tuesday”. Six friends turned up for the first session. Today, our international community has more than 400 members.

We believe that running is for everyone. It’s just way more fun to do it together.
Our Ssideline City family includes beginners lacing up their sneakers for the first time to seasoned marathon runners. Speed and distance aren’t the only victories. We encourage each other to train for our own individual goals. And every training session ends with a tasty brunch or a few after-run drinks with the whole crew.

Come and join the Ssideline City Crew today. Join us here!

Bridge The Gap

Ssideline City Run Club is proud to represent Sweden in the Bridge The Gap movement.
Bridge The Gap is the movement that brings all of the global urban running crews together under one roof. Formed by founding fathers Mike Saes (NYC Bridgerunners) and Charlie Dark (Run Dem Crew) Bridge The Gap connects the dots between running culture, lifestyle, music, art and creativity with events around the globe where crews come together to meet,run, create and party together. Other big crews in the movement include Paris Run Club, Patta Running Team, Black Roses, Berlin Braves, Harbour Runners, NBRO and Belgrade Urban Running Team.

Special Projects

We love creativity, adventures and running, and we do everything with that special Ssideline City twist. Our core values are inclusiveness and equality, and our aim is to have fun while making the world a better place. If you have an idea for a project or if you are interested in a collaboration for your brand, we would love to here about it!


Captain Kristian Hell: kristian@ssidelinecity.com
Captain Amanda Dahllöf: amanda@ssidelinecity.com