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Training  :

 This is how we do it 

Ssideline City Run Club is led by Captains Kristian and Miguel with team leaders. We meet and run in groups according to running experience, ability, and goals. You don’t have to be fast or experienced to be a Ssideliner.


Together with your running group and group leader, you decide on routes and workouts that feel will be the most fun and beneficial. You might find yourself running intervals on Västerbron, hills in Årstaviken, or taken on an adventure somewhere beyond the city limits to do a tempo run on a lakeside path.


We use the landscape of the city to explore Stockholm and its environs, and to challenge ourselves to be stronger, not just as runners, but also as a community.


You might find a moment of rest at a red light, or be encouraged to try 15 seconds of high-knees. Come along and find out what we mean when we say “F*ck the bridge!”


We meet up twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You will find all information about weekly training sessions on our Facebook Page.

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