Bridge The Gap  :

Ssideline City Run Club is proud to represent Sweden in the Bridge The Gap movement.


Bridge The Gap is the movement that brings all of the global urban running crews together under one roof. Formed by founding fathers Mike Saes (NYC Bridgerunners) and Charlie Dark (Run Dem Crew) Bridge The Gap connects the dots between running culture, lifestyle, music, art and creativity with events around the globe where crews come together to meet, run, create and party together. Other big crews in the movement include Paris Run Club, Patta Running Team, Black Roses, Berlin Braves, Harbour Runners, NBRO, Belgrade Urban Running Team and Ssideline City Run Club.

Bridge the Gap founders Mike Saes of New York’s Bridge Runners and Charlie Dark of London’s Run Dem Crew tell the story of Bridge the Gap in the video below.

Bridge the Gap, you know, there’s never any ego, there’s always love, it’s always peace, people looking out for each other, and that’s a very rare and very special thing in this world.
– Charlie Dark, captain of Run Dem Crew and co-founder of BTG


Ssideline City is a social running community based in Stockholm, Sweden who have actively contributed to the Bridge The Gap global movement since 2014.

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