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No Such Place 2017

‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’ R. Buckminster Fuller

No Such Place is a festival for urban escapees! In a secret location approximately 1 h 30 min north of Stockholm, Sweden, there was a place that we called No Such Place. We invited people to join us for one night and two days of running, partying, camping and self discovery. Our Leave No Tracks philosophy helped to minimise the ecological footprint of the festival as ticket holders used their feet and made a stand. Together we said NO to Cars, NO to Meat and NO to Milk. The only way in, was to run! (or walk).

Shouts to: DJ Bruce Leenus, Adam Wolfe, Acidpolly, Pang Pang, Izabella Englund, Mike Love, Hanna Linder, Miguel Carracedo, Haneen Kattae, Jordan Lane, Farmer Johnny, Musse Mattsson, Lise-Lotte Mattsson, MatHem, lululemon, Marathongruppen, Eventopia, Partykungen and Peak Performance.

Here are some of our favourite images from the festival.

Photo credit: Izabella Englund For all photos click here!


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